WinterWolf Studios is a fine-art photography company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Established in 2004 by Winter Kelly and J.M. “Wolf” Johnston, Winter is the current main digital photographer and sole professional photo retoucher, as well as occasional model for the company.

Known for creativity and fantastical scenes, WinterWolf Studios focuses on providing glimpses of unusual beauty amidst colorful worlds.


*NeonLynxie – Artist | Hobbyist | Photography

“I’ll tell you a bit about me. I just turned 20. I’ve been modeling since I was a kid, but only started really getting into it seriously around 15. What made me want to be a model? Hmm I’m not exactly sure. Maybe my insecurities as a kid, I wanted to express myself, wanted to feel accepted.

I moved to america because it was my parents choice, I didn’t have any other choices lol.

My hopes dreams…I have many. But as time passes by and I grow older I realize some are very difficult to accomplish. Not because I’m not motivated. But because there are not enough days in a week, hours in a day, for me to do things. Especially when you have responsibilities your time gets cut in half. I’d love to be a photojournalist and travel all over the world. I’d love to one day be a mom and have a family. It doesnt take much to make me smile. I’m not materialistic or greedy. All I need is sunny days and for things to go smoothly throughout the day.”