Grendel is an alias of several related characters in Comico and Dark Horse publications, the first of which being brilliant author and crimelord Hunter Rose.

Not much is known about the life of Hunter Rose before he returned to America. His name is not known, only that as a child he went by “Eddie”. Eddie was of exceptional brilliance, later to be discovered that the source may have been a rare genetic mutation allowing him to use virtually 100% of his brainpower. Eddie was bored and alone. School, sports, and most other endeavors did not provide adequate challenge. To say that Eddie excelled at everything he tried his hand at would be an understatement. Eddie found that he was quite fond of solo sports, particularly fencing. He went to the world fencing championship in England and easily won first place. It was there that he met Jocasta Rose, a trainer for the English team. The two quickly fell in love, and Jackie took on the role of a mentor as well as a lover to Eddie.

The profoundness of Jackie’s influence became even more evident after her death. Eddie returned to America, adopting the name and lifestyle of bestselling author Hunter Rose. He also listened closely and secretly to the inner workings of the city’s criminal underworld. Adopting the masked and identity of the assassin Grendel, Rose easily impressed mob bosses and was hired as a personal assassin. Armed with a staff with a forked blade, Grendel Rose to the top of his organization, becoming his former boss’s leader. Income soared under Rose’s leadership. Rose struck fear into the hearts of criminals in his and other organizations, still killing when it suited his purposes. His business continued to expand, and he caught the eye more and more of Argent the Wolf.

After the death of business associate Barry Palumbo, Rose adopted Palumbo’s adopted niece, Stacy Palumbo. Rose and Argent both adored young Stacy, and this allowed Rose to keep closer tabs on Argent (now Grendel’s arch-nemesis), leading to the carefully planned public humiliation of Argent in front of the affluent, the media, and particularly young Stacy. Stacy’s relationship with Argent wained, the young girl no longer looking at him as the same after Argent’s humiliation, until they no longer spoke. Despite Rose’s best efforts this had the unintended consequence of Stacy changing, becoming more sad. Argent became more ferocious than before, and continued to pit the wealth of his rage against his hated enemy Grendel.

Eventually during planning of an event which would allow Rose to take control of virtually all criminal activity on the entire seaboard, Stacy would discover that her “uncle” Hunter was really Grendel. It would take her longer to discover what this really meant, but Stacy put all of her effort into learning about Grendel. She did not like what she would discover. In her continued efforts to learn more about Hunter’s dark side, Stacy would eventually discover the secret location of the journals detailing his criminal activities and double life. She was able to break into his antiquated safe, and discovered that Hunter Rose had killed her uncle Barry. This discovery shattered her world, and she was determined to destroy him and use Argent as a means to her ends.

Stacy would act as an anonymous informant, using Rose’s own journals of his business dealings against him. She would make phone calls to Argent’s private line, giving him information about Grendel’s upcoming dealings and potential contacts. Hunter became increasingly angry and suspicious of his nemesis. Hunter Rose’s demise would come when Stacy had finally set up her plans to bring Argent and Rose into final conflict. Stacy called Argent claiming to have been kidnapped by Grendel. Argent tour through one of Grendel’s operations in order to get Grendel’s attention. Enraged at one another, Grendel and Argent decided to meet on the roof of the Masonic Temple. After the final battle, the police would discover Argent paralyzed on the roof, with the slain and unmasked body of Hunter Rose nearby. Stacy would be institutionalized for what could be determined of her role. Argent went into seclusion.

Hunter Rose’s legacy as Grendel was not over with his death. As Hunter had once seen in a demonic vision, the legacy and reign of Grendel would continue through the centuries, continually mutating through various forms.


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