I’ve been a fan of Ellen Allien’s music, and mixes for years, now, so I’m glad to see her pursuing one of her first passions. Here’s an excerpt from her press kit:

Long before I exclusively did music I originally wanted to study fashion design. When I was 18 years old, I actually even tried to do so – for one year I attended a prep school and learnt to design cuts and many other things related to fashion design. Unfortunately this preparation was dominated by mostly technical matters, at the expense of creative aspects. It was more focused on the manual/technical realisation of designs than designing itself. This lack of creativity eventually made me quit, it just didn‘t thrill me. A few years ago the desire of designing clothes lit up again, also due to the DJ culture and the connection to other fields of art and creative living in general. Because of being a DJ, I travel a lot, stroll through shops all around the world and see a lot of different fashion. It‘s like going to museums, poking around small art galleries or getting stuck in book shops. It‘s all a lot of fun. Fashion is a cultural imprint of a country – though not taking clothing chains like H&M, Zara or Mango into account. Those shops only sell an European mainstream. But small fashion stores and less known designers not only create their own style, but a style typical for their region or country. For example, Berlin designers are recognizable by their mixture of very sporty, young and raw designs. Nevertheless, it became more and more difficult for me to find clothes that go with my lifestyle. There are great designers, of course, with beautiful fashion. But most of the time they are quite expensive and pretty inconvenient, like the clothes can‘t be washed or have cuts that are too complicated, the fabrics are too fragil … This drove me to my own examination of this subject and soon evoked the question of the realisation of my ideas. There are two levels that are part of the process: First, there is the question of the actual production, where a compromise has to be found between the initial creative idea and the actual technical producibility. Second, you have to check if the designs are really wearable, if the clothes are not too complicated, easy to wear, something a woman can feel comfortable in.

View the rest of her collection and press kit at her new site:




Sure, the Touch Pro2 from HTC is available from a variety of carriers around the world at this point — but you won’t find many (read: none) that are offering it in the US right now, which makes T-Mobile’s launch especially notable. As expected, it’ll be hitting on August 12, bringing a 3.2 megapixel camera, AWS 3G, GPS, a glorious 3.6-inch WVGA display, WiFi, and that unique Straight Talk tech that should make the phone one of the best speakerphones you’ve ever used (frequent conference callers, take note). Pricing hasn’t been announced, but expect it in the lovely shade pictures above, which is being termed “mocha” (your choice of vocabulary may vary).

-Via Engadget