Two in the Shirt or T.I.T.S. Brand is a fashionable example of what can come from a love of Women and a quick wit.

Heavily concept based, each design uses the female form as its focal point while integrating a clever concept relating to pop culture and classic references. Because of the variety of concepts, this street fashion brand appeals to consumers in every subculture.

The hope is that everyone will find their ideal woman on a shirt or a concept to identify with, no matter your interests or lifestyle.

T.I.T.S. is for everyone! “Like a training bra, support T.I.T.S.”


Porn starlets, Andy San Dimas and Jessie Andrews, are the faces (and bodies) of Mishka’s Fall 2011 Collection. Here’s what the guys over at Mishka had to say about it:

“So we got these two girls together and photographed them in and out of our clothes. There’s a lot of shots of them wearing just sweatshirts from behind with their butts visible, which I am very interested in. I think that there should be a band called Young Butts. So check out these two fly young chickadees sporting our garb in the woods, hanging out with old dolls and inside cars. If you like our clothes and admiring/jacking off to two very pretty ladies then this is Мишка’s way of saying happy birthday to your dick and balls. Or if you are a lady, to your lady genitals and imagination. Everyone loves looking at nude ladies. I have straight female friends who prefer lesbian porn because they prefer to look at the lady approach to boffing and lady’s bodies are more likely to make them feel sexy than some Ron Jeremy testicle monster. I’m not sure why I am talking about this.”


The Brooklyn Circus is an emerging mens and womens boutique and lifestyle brand which began in 2006 in a small shop on a side street in Brooklyn, New York City. With a new flagship boutique in San Francisco, distribution in Japan, and a blog with over 200,000 readership per month, The Brooklyn Circus has proven a highly influential brand to the youth and the youthfully spirited. After all, “Experience is Everything.”


For the last three years Polo Ralph Lauren has supplied us with great Fall Winter boots. This year they expanded their already wide assortment and offer us 2 new styles The Radbourne and Redding. You can really see Polo’s DNA in these Radbourne’s, the lining and fold down option made these a must buy for me this season.

The Radbourne is a higher version (8″) of the Ranger boot (7″) and is tweed lined for the fold down option. The square leather patch on the side of the boots might look a little familiar, Polo crushed that patch in the 90’s. Both the brown and black versions are made of rich pebbled oily leather and when you see these in person you’ll see what i mean.

The Redding is a lower “Chucka” version of the iconic Ranger boot. I know some people who couldn’t find a way to rock the Ranger boot because of it’s height, here is a perfect solution for you. Same rich leather used on the Radbourne but no tweed lining and at a cheaper price point. –Ronnie Fieg

All four boots are available at the David Z flagship store (556 Broadway bet. Prince and Spring st.) and for phone purchase order today:
The Radbourne 8″ boot double buckle – (Phone# 212.274.9044 ext. 640 $175, Style# Black – 812123270001 Brown – 8121232701FJ)
The Redding “Chucka” boot – (Phone# 212.274.9044 ext. 640 $130, Style# Black – 812123278001 Brown – 8121232781FJ)