Porn starlets, Andy San Dimas and Jessie Andrews, are the faces (and bodies) of Mishka’s Fall 2011 Collection. Here’s what the guys over at Mishka had to say about it:

“So we got these two girls together and photographed them in and out of our clothes. There’s a lot of shots of them wearing just sweatshirts from behind with their butts visible, which I am very interested in. I think that there should be a band called Young Butts. So check out these two fly young chickadees sporting our garb in the woods, hanging out with old dolls and inside cars. If you like our clothes and admiring/jacking off to two very pretty ladies then this is Мишка’s way of saying happy birthday to your dick and balls. Or if you are a lady, to your lady genitals and imagination. Everyone loves looking at nude ladies. I have straight female friends who prefer lesbian porn because they prefer to look at the lady approach to boffing and lady’s bodies are more likely to make them feel sexy than some Ron Jeremy testicle monster. I’m not sure why I am talking about this.”