Artist and illustrator Joanna Henly, aka Miss Led, lives and works in East London. Obsessed with clean lines, curvature and arresting portraiture, she is perpetually evolving in the exploration of drawn and painted imagery. Her inspirations scale the Pre Raphaelites, Jamie Hewlett, Beardsley, fashion photography and 90’s street art.

With UK & international clients extending publishing, design, advertising & new media, she’s illustrated everything from book covers to advertising campaigns, covered walls in high end boutiques and incredible properties – live painted for events in London and Europe in fronts of thousands of people – her canvas, ranging from cars, barges and even department store windows.

Clients include: Lufthansa Airlines, Carlton Books, Ted Baker, Nike, Reebok, Diesel, Selfridges London…


WinterWolf Studios is a fine-art photography company based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Established in 2004 by Winter Kelly and J.M. “Wolf” Johnston, Winter is the current main digital photographer and sole professional photo retoucher, as well as occasional model for the company.

Known for creativity and fantastical scenes, WinterWolf Studios focuses on providing glimpses of unusual beauty amidst colorful worlds.


Deadman is another comic with a cool story that I think would make a good movie if done right. Excuse the resemblance to Daredevil. Here’s the Comicvine origin.

The Deadman, born Boston Brand, was a well known trapeze artist who was killed by newly joined member of the League of Assassins, The Hook. (It wasn’t personal, the mission was only for initiation purposes.) For the many kindnesses that Brand had performed during his life, Deadman was saved and given his powers by Hindu goddess of balance, Rama Kushna, so that he should find his killer and settle the score.

He began to hunt for his assassin, knowing only that the man had a hook for a hand. When Deadman learned that a villain called the Hook was a member of the League Of Assassins, he was certain it was the same man who killed him. Along the way of his journey, Brand continued to interact in peoples lives, doing good deeds in his own way. One of the people was another aerialist known as the Eagle. They would first meet in St. Louis where the Eagle tried to kill him during a performance while in the air. Boston Brand as Deadman would see justice done as the Deadman when the Eagle was hired to replace him.

Deadman eventually tracked down the Hook, only to watch him die at the hands of the Sensei, leader of League of Assassins. Then with his brother Cleveland and new friend Batman, Deadman then prevented the League of Assassins taking control of the fabled Himalayan land of Nanda Parbat. Deadman was subsequently called upon to do the duties expected of spirits, such as him, greeting those entering the Land of the Just Dead. In this role Deadman guided the Phantom Stranger, the Spectre, Etrigan the Demon, and Swamp Thing in order to rescue the spirit of Abby Arcane after she was murdered by her uncle.

Deadman has teamed up with other spectral heroes, joining the Phantom Stranger and Swamp Thing to combat the threat of a “primordial shadow” that imperiled Heaven and Earth. When Asmodel usurped the power of the spirit of wrath, Deadman formed part of a strike force of sentinels of magic with Doctor Occult, Felix Faust, the Phantom Stranger, Ragman, Raven, and Sentinel assembled by Zatanna to oppose the fallen angel. Deadman continues to work with people on Earth, hoping one day to achieve a peaceful reward.

Powers and Abilities

As a spectre, Deadman has many supernatural abilities, most notably, the ability to possess other living creatures. The possession is strong enough to allow Deadman total control of the host body, although some particularly strong-willed persons have been shown to be able to resist the possession and exorcise Deadman from their bodies.

He possesses the ability to fly and cross the boundaries between the land of the living and that of the dead with ease, and as such, he maintains an intimate knowledge of the supernatural world.

Deadman is also invisible to most people, with the exception being those with similar supernatural abilities to his own. This, along with his intangibility, are out of Deadman’s control.

As a human, Boston Brand was an elite gymnast and trapeze performer, capable of phenomenal feats of agility and strength.-Source


“If I thought I was a good artist, I’d be an even worse artist than I already am.
I’m not saying this because I want people to tell me otherwise. I’m saying it because I think it’s the only truly valuable bit of information I have to pass along in regards to becoming a successful artist. Not to say I’m successful; I’m not particularly. I hope that I will be someday, though…and I believe the persistent acknowledgement that I can be so much better than I am is essential to that goal.

“Oh my god, I suck” is a thought I have every single time I work on a piece of art.”