Krysten Alyce Ritter is an American actress and former model. Ritter is well known for her role as Jane Margolis on AMC’s Breaking Bad, where she first appeared as the property manager and neighbor of Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman.

She has been cast as Carol Rhodes in The CW’s Valley Girls series. The show, a spin-off of Gossip Girl, is a prequel set in 1980s Los Angeles, and will chronicle the teenage years of the character Lily van der Woodsen. Ritter described her character Carol, Lily’s sister, as “the outcast,” and “an ’80s Sunset Strip rocker” to Access Hollywood. Ritter co-starred on the second season of AMC’s television drama Breaking Bad, and finished the film How to Make Love to a Woman (2009), based on a best-selling book by adult film star Jenna Jameson. She also will co-star with Jason Behr in the independent film The Last International Playboy (2009). She sold a television pilot that she wrote named Model Camp, based on her experiences as a model, and is also writing a female-buddy comedy film.

Ritter lives in Los Angeles, where she moved in 2007 from Brooklyn. She bought what she describes as a “pimped-out” Prius. As of November 2008, she is renting an apartment in a house in Silver Lake with her roommate, interior designer Lauren Bratman. She did tell Philadelphia Style that she misses “the climate and the seasons of Pennsylvania”. She has naturally black hair, and sings and plays guitar in a band named Ex Vivian in her spare time.



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