Ingrid Ullrich was born and raised in the little old town of New Castle, Pennsylvania. With a love for the stage since age three, she always had a passion to perform. Growing up, the spotlight followed Ingrid where ever she went, or so she thought. She loved being the center of attention and at a very young age learned to grasp the interest of many audiences through dance. She continued to pursue it as a high school hobby but soon realized it was more than that after receiving numerous awards and scholarships. Through these achievements she gained a greater appreciation and respect for what was to become her lifetime goal.

Although dancing had always been her main focus, she developed an equal love for modeling, singing, and acting as well. Her primary goal was to entertain people no matter where it may be. If her audience wasn’t satisfied, neither was she. Ingrid’s ambition became endless and her determination untouchable. In her eyes, the greatest success in the world is living life doing what she loves.

Showing drive and dedication for performing, her family and friends encouraged her to attend college for it. She felt that it would be a great way to enhance her performance opportunities and land a spot in a more professional capacity. Graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from Point Park University Conservatory of Performing Arts, she plans on pursuing a successful career in the entertainment industry. With her unique personality, great sense of humor, strong work ethic, and performance skills Ingrid will be a great asset to any future productions.