Animator, llustrator, Director, Writer, LeSean Thomas is a celebrated Pop- Artist with a Hip Hop/ Anime-driven aesthetic that is praised by industry veterans and fans of the genre. As a South Bronx NYC native eventually finding his way to Hollywood, his work on projects including the Peabody Award-winning animated series, “The Boondocks,” ( Co-Director/ Supervising Character Designer)has introduced an arm of artistic expression to an audience once only thought to be too remote to penetrate. He’s worked as a staff storyboard artist for Cartoon Network (“BEN10: Alien Force”), Warner Bros animation(“BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD,” “GREEN LANTERN: FIRST FLIGHT”)and Supervising Character Designer( “SUPERMAN/BATMAN: PUBLIC ENEMIES.”).

Beyond animation he’s a respected comicbook artist having done ARKANIUM and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES for the late DREAMWAVE PRODUCTIONS.

He currently resides in Seoul, South Korea as staff at JM ANIMATION studios.

He is also currently writing and illustrating a creator-owned graphic novel.


By Scott Tre

She is completely in tune with and aware of her sexuality. She uses it like a weapon. She can see the effect it has on you and is amused by it. She can break the impenetrability of your gaze and cause your alpha male facade to crumble. Nothing is more sexy than a woman who is conscious of her abilities and not afraid to play fast and loose with the rules. It wouldn’t be wholly inaccurate to describe her aura as being an honest to god talent. What she has cannot be learned or taught. It comes naturally and organically. If you consider your self a heterosexual male and she doesn’t get your blood pumping, you may want to rethink your sexual orientation. Fittingly cast as the seductive Alisha Bailey in the excellent British superhero television series Misfits, you get to see her powers in all there glory. Don’t fight it, just give in. Resistance is futile.

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