*NeonLynxie – Artist | Hobbyist | Photography

“I’ll tell you a bit about me. I just turned 20. I’ve been modeling since I was a kid, but only started really getting into it seriously around 15. What made me want to be a model? Hmm I’m not exactly sure. Maybe my insecurities as a kid, I wanted to express myself, wanted to feel accepted.

I moved to america because it was my parents choice, I didn’t have any other choices lol.

My hopes dreams…I have many. But as time passes by and I grow older I realize some are very difficult to accomplish. Not because I’m not motivated. But because there are not enough days in a week, hours in a day, for me to do things. Especially when you have responsibilities your time gets cut in half. I’d love to be a photojournalist and travel all over the world. I’d love to one day be a mom and have a family. It doesnt take much to make me smile. I’m not materialistic or greedy. All I need is sunny days and for things to go smoothly throughout the day.”

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