The darkly obsessive director of Fight Club and The Social Network takes on the biggest franchise since Harry Potter­—The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. An exclusive first look from the set of the year’s most anticipated film. Read the full story here.

To prepare for the role of Lisbeth Salander, actress Rooney Mara had her eyebrows bleached, her hair chopped, and her lip, brow, nose, and nipple pierced—all in one “very intense” day. To achieve Salander’s signature look, director David Fincher analyzed every detail, from her (temporary) tattoos to her essence. Salander is an update of the iconic Scandinavian character Pippi Longstocking. “Lisbeth is the goth Pippi,” confirms the director.

Fincher’s film departs dramatically from the book: Mikael Blomkvist is more gentlemanly, Salander (shown here on the motorcycle from the movie) is more aggressive—and the ending has been completely altered.

By Lynn Hirschberg
Photographs by Jean-Baptiste Mondino
Styled by Trish Summerville

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