Say hello to a Friend of Mine – an Australian label designed by Teale Talbot and managed by Letitia McLean. Confident, sexy and just a little bit tough; Friend of Mine blends feminine edge with a relaxed look that a girl can make her own.

Friend of Mine’s designs have embraced unexpected subtleties and contradiction since debuting in 2009. The label rapidly established itself across Australia with a clean beach-meets-grunge attitude, and was quickly featured in some of the best Australian and International press.

A rockabilly aesthetic is referenced throughout and is seen in the label’s namesake, which is drawn from a cult Bob Dylan track. The look is one that is undeniably fashionable, yet in a simplistic thrown together style that is far from contrived. Friend of Mine’s effortlessly cool nature results in versatile pieces, basics-with-a-twist as well as standout shoes and accessories. Whilst Friend of Mine has already carved out it’s own signature aesthetic, each new collection brings a new palette of inspiration ranging from pop culture to music to childhood memories.

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