“I love vectors, I love its style, colours, shape and form. I mainly focus on portraits and have been vectoring models, people and some of my interests which include entertainment of films, tv shows, actresses, and gaming.

My style consists of strong, bold black strokes and air brushing of submitted photos of portraits. I am currently collaborating with other photographers and models in vectoring their portraits in my current style of vectoring. Which I hope will be viewed positively and differently from current vectoring styles from other artists.

My main objective is to really get my work exposed to as many people as I can. And I hope they are well received by many.” -Khuan Tru

3 thoughts on “STATE OF THE ART: KHUAN TRU

  1. hey there, to ‘turbo blanco’ thank you very much for this blog. i just bumped in to it now and was completely unaware of it. cheers for that, i am honoured that you feel that my work is exposed on your site. thank you for the space on your site as well as the support.

    kind regards

    Khuan Tru

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