Back in the day I was big fan of the “Iron Fist and Power Man” comics, and one of the off-shoots, was the story of Colleen Wing, and Misty Knight. Recently I was thinking about old characters that could translate well into todays cinema, and remembered, “The Daughters of the Dragon”. Here is the science:

The Daughters of the Dragon is the name of a two woman team with Colleen Wing and Misty Knight because they are both expert matrial artists.

Colleen was born in the United States to parents of mixed Asian descent, her father being a professor of Asian studies in New York. She spent most of her youth in northen Japan however, being raised by her grandfather. It was her grandfather, Kanji, who would teach her the ways of the samurai.
Upon returning to the New York Collen would meet and befriend Danny Rand, also known as the hero Iron Fist. He would call upon her and her skills numerous times, particularly when confronting the Kara-Kai Death Cult. Also while visiting New York, Colleen would be saved by an NYPD officer named Misty Knight during a shoot-out.

After a devastating injury in which Misty lost an arm after a bomb blast, Colleen stood by her new friend and helped her through her recovery even though Misty’s days as an officer seemed over. Eventually, Misty’s arm was replaced by a bionic one, and the two women teamed up to form a partnership as heroes for hire. They are sometimes referred to as the “Daughters of the Dragon” because of Colleen’s background.

Her new role as a hero for hire would put her into conflict against her old Iron Fist when both Colleen and Misty were enslaved by Angar the Screamer and Master Khan, forcing them to fight against their will although they would later recover. After a similar altercation in which Colleen was captured by another foe she developed a heroin addiction. Misty Knight was able to help her friend once more, as the two had done for each other many times before, and Wing not only kicked the habit but got revenge on her captor.

The heroes for hire, who go by the name Kinghtwing Restorations Ltd, would go onto to aid many other heroes during their careers together, including the X-Men during adventures that took them from Japan to Canada and back. –Source (Comicvine)

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