*Translated from Italian*

Simone Bianchi was born in 1972 in Lucca, Italy. After collaborating with the most important Italian publishing houses, like Bonelli, Phoenix, Comic Art, in 1997 he works with Marvel Italia on a b/w episode of Conan the Barbarian and various covers for the magazine Wiz ( F4 and Spiderman). He also creates various painted CD covers for heavy metal bands like Vision Divine and Labyrinth ( Metal Blade and Noise records) that become very appreciated worldwide.

In 2000, while teaching at the International Comics School in Florence, an exhibition of his works leads to ECHI (Echoes), his first official portfolio.
In 2001, with Direct2Brain, the most important Italian 3D design Company he participates (with script, storyboard, character design, scenery etc.) at the creation of video clips for many artists (Eros Ramazzotti, Kitchen Tools and 99 Posse with the highly acclaimed first 3D video ever made in Italy).

In 2002 “THE ART OF SIMONE BIANCHI” is published by Pavesio Productions one of the most important Italian comics Publisher.
2003 sees the creation of the 44 painted full colour pages for the first hard cover volume of the EGO SUM trilogy, a sci-fi saga Simone writes and paints himself, again for Pavesio Productions, that is released in January 2004 in different European countries.
In 2005 he paints a cover for ATOMIKA, by Sal Abbinanti; in the same year the second issue of EGO SUM is published and in the meantime he draws the DC miniserie SHINING KNIGHT, script by Grant Morrison. At the 2005 Comic Convention in Rome he is rewarded with the Yellow Kid as best Italian Comic Artist and writer of the year.

He realizes different covers for DC characters GREEN LANTERN (from issue #7 to #13), BATMAN (from issue #651 to #654) and DETECTIVE COMICS (from issue #817 to # #839) and the interior pages for GREEN LANTERN #6, script by Geoff Johns: at the same time he realizes some X-MEN UNLIMITED cover for Marvel. In October, his third Art Book ONIRIKA is published by Pavesio Production and it is presented at the Lucca Comics Convention, for which he paints the official poster.

In February 2006 he signs an Exclusive Contract with Marvel, Publishing House for which he draws WOLVERINE 50th issue and the following 5 ones, script by Jeph Loeb.
In 2007 he renews his Exclusive with Marvel, thus becoming the official ASTONISHING X-MEN Artist from issue #25 to #30, on texts by Warren Ellis. He is given the task to redesign the X-Men official costumes. He draws the WOLVERINE ORIGINS cover from issue #21 to #25 and 4 variant covers for X-Men Messiah Complex, from issue
He does the cover for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #555 and the painted one for WOLVERINE PREMIERE, published by Panini; he paints the official Mantova Comics promotional poster and the DARK REIGN: FANTASTIC FOUR #1 cover, plus the ULTIMATE ORIGINS #1 and #2 covers.

In 2008 his ASTONISHING X-MEN is sold out and is reprinted with a brand new cover. He draws the GHOST BOX SPECIAL #1 and #2 covers and the WOLVERINE ANNUAL one.

In 2009 he realizes the DARK AVENGERS X-MEN: UTOPIA covers from issue #1 to #6. Together with Jeph Loeb he gives life to Wolverine’s new enemy, ROMULUS: it is the first character created by Simone. Beside that, he draws the DARK X-MEN #1, #2 and #3 covers. ASTONISHING X-MEN is published by Panini and in the meantime he draws a variant cover for THOR: DEFINING MOMENTS GIANT SIZE #1 and the one for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #622.


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