She graced the splash page on Primitive’s website just a few weeks prior, now she could be yours “forever”. Immortalized on the newest skate deck by P-Rod’s Southern California establishment, Brenda Lynn’s voluptuous body have graced magazine cover, pin up calendars, and numerous hip-hop music videos. One side featured a washed put wood stain in aqua colorway, inscribed with “Brenda Lynn Hearts Primitive”, while a deck-length pictorial of Brenda Lynn on a bed of Dixie Cups, a parody of the infamous sequence by actress Mena Suvari in the 1999 film American Beauty. The Primitive x Brenda Lynn Skate Deck is available in limited quantity at skate shops around the world, including Caliroots of Stockholm. -Via Freshness Mag

Cali Store
Brunnsgatan 9 | Map
11138 Stockholm, Sweden
TEL #: +46-8-5684-9908

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