We are lucky to be able to feature Starlet, and model, Melrose Foxx. Here is her science of life in her own words:

“Hi everyone, My name is Melrose and I’am Sophisticated, classy, down-to-earth, closet comedian, “got-ur-back kind of woman”, plus more all in one… Proud to be in my skin…just the fact that I know the quality of woman I am & my worth empowers me with the strength to walk boldly. SEXY in my thirties. A real female who know how to live life & enjoy a good laugh. Treasures the ones who are dear to me. Loyal and loving searching for enternal happiness. I don’t have time for any games, drama, or even BS. My focus is on securing my beautiful future for me and my family…that’s working hard on the daily. God has truly blessed me to have seen a pretty nice life, but I’ve had many trial and struggles that has shaped me to be who I’am today. Taking the chance to walk in the door of a new life adventure. Being a business woman with a great business mind, a creative sense of being, go getter, and a people lover of multiple cultural backgrounds, If you have anymore quesions just ask me I’m real friendly…lol. If I looked at, judged and weighed all the circumstances that were lined up against me and against my success, then I would fail every time. I grow by faith, not by sight. College Grad (Yeah thats right she has a Degree)its cool I got my own, I am a very down to earth person and I love just have a good time. Some call it Arrogant, I call it confident..I walk and talk like this cuz i can back it up. God has blessed me in so many ways that i cant even count. I am thankful to have family that love me for me and that dont hate because we all have helped each other come the ladies we are today.”

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8 thoughts on “MELROSE FOXXX

  1. Melrose Foxx is so damn fine, she’s one of my favorite porn stars. I wanna say I’ve seen every one of her scenes… but I’d be lying if I said that.

  2. i would like to meet you and not because you do porn. i would just like to talk and get to know you maybe sum emailing or something

  3. frist off,i dont know what to say to u melrose.i just feel like ill die trying to get to meet n know you better,i guess what im saying is that im n luv with u and get up everday thinking about you.

    GOD BLESS U holp 2 here free u

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