Christina (a.k.a the Dirty Souf Yankee) has been creating since before she could speak. At the age of 9, she decided to take it to the next level and started her own jewelry business called “Tina’s Treasures” in which she created jewelry and crafts which were sold through an art gallery and store in Atlanta, GA. She would travel to Atlanta from her hometown of Savannah, GA on weekends when she was off from school to deliver the items, pick up her earnings, and attend gallery openings to meet and greet her customers. However, once junior high came around, schoolwork called and Tina’s Treasures eventually came to an end.

Along with the start of High school came a new interest for Christina; photography. She has always had a love for music and started attending many concerts around the southeast and taking pictures wherever she went. People at her school already knew her for her artwork and custom trucker hats that she wore and sold around town. They started asking if they could buy the pictures she was taking of their favorite celebrities and were constantly complimenting her on her skills which led Christina to start taking the craft more seriously. She invested in a high quality camera and started honing her skills, taking pictures wherever she went.

Once Christina graduated high school, she moved to Brooklyn, NY to pursue a career in entertainment. It wasn’t long before people started taking notice of her at events around New York city because everywhere she went, she was rocking her one of a kind, personalized clothing and accessories that she had made for herself along with her favorite accessory; her digital camera. She was at every event you could possibly imagine, snapping pictures of the hottest underground artists and networking. She was also making a name for herself as the self proclaimed “Dirty Souf Yankee”. This led to various people approaching her, asking where she got her wardrobe or who she was working for taking pictures.

Christina finally decided to focus all her time and energy on making Dirty Souf Yankee a brand and lifestyle company in February, 2007 after being let go from a job at which she was excelling and spending the majority of her time at. She thought to herself, “Why am I expending so much energy and working so hard for other people who don’t appreciate my hard work and drive? I should put that same energy and effort into myself and my own company! ” And as they say, the rest is history. Ever since, she has been customizing sneakers, heels, clothing, accessories, booking photo shoots, taking pictures, and filming events for clients all over the US all under the Dirty Souf Yankee umbrella.

Check out other fly designs and get your custom gear from DSY:


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